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1000 Awesome Things about Roatan #1

14 Apr

I found a great site 1000 Awesome Things and really enjoy reading all the everyday things that deserve to be recognized as, well…awesome!

But when it came to relating them to Roatan, it doesn’t always work.

The driver ahead of you nudging forward at the red light so you can make a right hand turn, doesn’t work because we don’t have any stoplights on Roatan.

Someone covering you with a blanket when you fall asleep on the couch isn’t relevant either. Here on Roatan it would be a hammock, and the last thing you want is a blanket on you!

So I’ve started a 1000 Awesome Things about Roatan, and here is the first one on my list.

#1 When Ants Clean-up the Melted Candy in My Purse.

I made the mistake of forgetting that I had put a cellophane wrapped peppermint candy in the side pocket of my purse. That is definitely a no-no. On Roatan, the heat dictates that anything that can melt…will. So the next day when I reached into my purse pocket (to retrieve a pen) I pulled out a sticky, gooey, syrup coated, peppermint scented BIC ball-point.

The purse is hand woven Guatemalan fabric, the pocket lined with nylon. Darn, how well will it hold up to being washed?

I decided to set it aside until tomorrow. I learned that approach on Roatan!

When tomorrow came, I picked up the purse and resolved to clean it up. I cringed as I reached in the pocket to take out the sticky pen and tell-tale empty cellophane wrapper. Both were still there but not a hint of gooey on either! My purse pocket couldn’t have been cleaner. My pen, no longer resembled a repeatedly licked candy cane.

And then I saw them…hundreds of tiny ants marching single file, away from my purse, across the floor, and out the door. They were carting every spec of melted sugar with them!

When Ants Clean-up the Melted Candy in My Purse was the first of many that inspired me to create a new page. While the things I list are all pretty awesome, I’ve changed the title to Things That Pulled Me In.


This story also at Honduras Weekly retitled, “Island Ants are Awesome.”

2 Responses to “1000 Awesome Things about Roatan #1”

  1. Danny 10. Oct, 2010 at 4:39 pm #

    1000 awesome things is fantastic!


  1. Bugs on Roatan | Roatan Vortex - It Pulls You in and You Never Want to Leave - 11. Jul, 2010

    [...] If…no…when this happens, if you take the dish and set it in direct sunlight the sugar ants will scurry away, so all is not lost. You may be thinking to yourself, yuck, eating food that had ants in it, I’ll never do that. On Roatan…yes you will. It’s not possible to avoid. These little guys are pretty helpful too! Sugar ants took top honors on my list of awesome things about Roatan When ants cleaned the melted candy out of my purse. [...]

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