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Electric Lime

20 Apr

Remember when you were a kid sitting on the living-room floor, a tattered box of crayons beside you, and your favourite colouring book next to that?

You’d flip the lid on the box of crayons, tilt it over and shake the contents out. Plop down on your stomach and turn the pages of the colouring book, looking for the perfect black outlined scene to transform.

You could colour the sky…bubble gum, the grass, perhaps…plum, and the flowers, maybe…electric lime. The sky wasn’t pink, the grass purple or the flowers green, but you didn’t care; through a child’s way of looking at them—they could be.

Remember as you got older, those colouring book pictures that the better you stayed within the lines, and the closer the colours matched to what they were supposed to be…the more praise you got?

As an adult this didn’t just apply to colouring books, it grew to include; home decorating, and only shades of white for painting walls. Streets of homes, lined up in perfect rows, exacting lawns, landscaping (to rival your neighbours), perfect interlocking brick drive-ways, and identical fencing defining each lot.

Sadly, the glorious colours and organic shapes of nature got tucked away and forgotten about…

But not on Roatan!

On Roatan, the sky can be pink.

The lush jungle is always green.

You can paint your walls electric lime, and decorate with authentic organic shapes Reverse Aquarium.

You won’t find even one street of perfectly lined up homes. Most fences are made from living trees and the landscaping…you can follow nature’s lead!

2 Responses to “Electric Lime”

  1. Pam 23. Apr, 2010 at 1:38 pm #

    Electric Lime!!!! I love it Genny! We are missing the island so bad! We cant wait to get back to our new island home and our wonderful new friends. Say hi to Dave and Mona dog for us. Hugs!Pam

  2. Gennyca 24. Apr, 2010 at 8:46 am #

    I knew this one would work for you Pam…I pictured you painting bright colored chairs while I wrote it.

    Hurry back, Genny

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