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Roatan Renegade Rescue

8 May

On Friday May 7, 2010 the Roatan Vortex radio Show’s theme was From small beginnings comes great things – You Can Make a Difference Listen to a taped copy here

During that show on Roatan Radio I talked about different ways you and I can make a difference; whether it be through volunteering for a cause we believe in, or being there for family, friends and strangers.

One of the grass-roots organization I highlighted was started by the determined Penny Leigh.

Last month Penny did a guest post for Roatan Vortex aptly named The Mango Voodoo Chutney Caper A lighthearted tale of home canning.

Since then she has been working on a very special project. Roatan Renegade Rescue dedicated to helping the far too many neglected animals on Roatan. The dogs being the most visible animals in need.

It is common to see a dog cowering against a fence—too weak to move, the majority of its fur missing; due to parasites and the continued scratching trying to get relief from the numerous flea bites. They have scars from previous attacks and open wounds oozing infection. There may be a rotted rope snugged around their neck, the frayed end swaying in the breeze. Chances are they had been tied-up and forgotten about, then managed to break free. And guaranteed they will be emaciated, every rib clearly visible, a hollow where there should be a full belly, no muscle on bony hips and legs.

As people pass by, the dog may chance looking up; even find the strength to wag their tail once. Their eyes plead for at least a kind word or a pat on the head, maybe something to eat or a drink of water. They know that at worst they will get kicked, at best…ignored. But as long as they can find the strength, they try.

Having you started crying yet? I am as I write this. Would you rather not visualize what is going on? Perhaps you haven’t even read this far because it hurts too much to think about it. I understand…

When I moved to Roatan every time I saw a dog in this condition, I tried to pretend I didn’t—ashamed with myself for not helping it. And then I would fantasise about saving them all. Win the lottery, buy a chunk of land, hire a full-time vet and caregivers, and gather all the neglected, abused and starving dogs. Feed them, have their wounds and illnesses tended to, give them a safe place to run and play, a blanket to sleep on at night. Ta-da! Problem solved.

I haven’t won the lottery yet…so I continue to avert my eyes…shame on me, I really want to help! And now thanks to Penny Leigh I can help by sharing with you her amazing story and more importantly her actions!

Penny didn’t wait to win a lottery, she said ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and formed Roatan Renegade Rescue. She pulled the seats out of the back of her van and set it up to transport the animals in need. She shared her plan with some friends and had her first two volunteers…let the RESCUES begin!

The following are exerts from updates shared by Penny. A website is being developed and should be up and running soon. In the meantime more recent information is posted at Roatan Renegade Rescue
You can also find out more by contacting Penny at roatan_renegade_rescue@yahoo.com

My hat’s off to you Penny. Thank you for not waiting for someone else to get this going!

My friends, fellow animal lovers and I are very excited to announce the formation of:
Roatan Renegade Rescue

Our small group of volunteers will be selling wristbands for $5.00 each. Each time we have enough funds, we will go out and rescue a stray animal and bring them in for medical attention and much needed human kindness. Dr. Soto has volunteered to offer a 50% discount for the care of these poor animals. We will, of course, be looking for good homes for them as well.

The wristbands will be sold at:
Penelope’s Island Emporium – West Bay Beach Mall
Celeste’s Island Cuisine – West Bay
The Blue Parrot – Sandy Bay
Dr. Soto’s – Coconut Plaza – by the water treatment plant outside of Coxen Hole

Vanna White (my 19 foot cargo van) is completely outfitted with protectivemetal fencing, bedding, towels, water bowls, and hand made leashes & collars. Vanna is awesome!

We of course would be so appreciative of any donations of beds, carriers,old toys, shampoo, medicines, animal treats, food, leather gloves, a firstaid kit, muzzles. Thanx to all who have already helped. These animals have never had a kind word, a soft blanket to lay on, nothing, so imagine what joy you could give with some old discarded items. We will also need temporary overnite stays, where the animal will be kept quiet and safe.The wrist bands have not arrived yet, but thanx to some wonderful women we have already had our first successful rescue!

A small, young dog suffering from being hit by a car. His leg was limp and badly infected. Dr. Calderon gave him excellent care, injections and medicine for 15 days for a verysmall cost. He is doing beautifully, is very appreciative and eating like crazy and slept right through the night in his first crate ever. He will make someone a wonderful family pet once he is on the mend.

We will take any and all volunteers with much appreciation. There will be no meetings, agendas or committees. This is just about helping the animals, one at a time….any kind of animal, birds, whoever needs us…..I think we will be busy……….:)

Thanx to everyone for your help, support and encouragement.
Penny Leigh

” Rescuing one animal will not change the world, but it will completely
change the world for that one animal.”

When you see Vanna White out in the streets on a mission, be sure to
honk…three times!

Pedro’s Story

Three different animal lovers came to the store to tell me of a blind dog with a massive ear infection, roaming West Bay Beach. He was thought to be a yellow lab. I arranged with Guy, owner of Bananarama, that when the dog came by for his evening handouts, they would secure him for the night & I would pick him up the next morning. As often happens, it appears even stray dogs are on “island time” and he was a No Show.

I walked the beach, searching for him and finally a friendly Foster’s staffer lured him out for breakfast. His name is Pedro. He is part Golden Retreiver, part island dog. Pretty boy. He had never walked on a leash, so
it was interesting getting him back to the van where another friendly, helpful staff member from Bananarama lifted him into Vanna White and we got him into a dog crate, no doubt another first for Pedro. He panicked a bit when we got moving, so had to stop, set his crate upright and secured it. After that, he was calm and quiet, something I did not think would happen, being a homeless, blind dog.

Once at Dr. Calderon’s it was determined that Pedro has been blind from birth, nothing can be done for his vision. The vet dug out a full bucket of dirt from his ears, so he had to be deaf from the blockage as well. His ears were bloody and scabbed from clawing at them, but miraculously, no infection. As luck would have it a friend stopped by and she agreed to take Pedro home for his recuperation.

Franky’s Story

Franky has so far survived the sad life of a street dog. She has had multiple pregnancies, giving birth to stillborn pups or ones that died shortly thereafter. One puppy was still alive when she Franky was located. The puppy soon bled to death from flea infestation. Again Franky’s baby was taken from her. Now she was known as a fear biter.

Terrified, confused, people started throwing stones at her and kicking her.

RRR got the call.

Once we arrived at Dr. Caderone’s, he quickly used an animal control stick on her and injected an enormous shot of tranquilizer. Maybe panic, fear or adrenaline, it did not have much affect on her as she fought to be free. Wewaited.

Franky has cancer of the vagina. She is filled with tumors, why she ripped so badly in giving birth. The vet said he couldn’t believe she could even urinate.

Dr. Calderone agreed to take Franky over to his La Ceba facility on the mainland. He feels hopeful he can cure her cancer. She will have a Chemo injection, kept in a safe environment, fed and cared for. After two weeks,
if the tumors begin to shrink, she will have a second chemo treatment. If all goes well, she will then be strong enough to be spayed and repaired.

We took Franky to the Galaxy Ferry with a brand new stuffed teddy bear from RRR.

I will post updates regarding Franky’s progress. Thank you to everyone for helping her get the help she needs. Please say a prayer for Franky.

“Saving the life of one animal will not change the world, but it will change the entire world for that one animal.”

15 Responses to “Roatan Renegade Rescue”

  1. Gennyca 09. May, 2010 at 11:52 am #

    Comment posted on behalf of Sylvia who would have submitted herself, but is stuck at JFK Airport waiting to fly to Madrid…which is delayed due to Volcano.

    Pedro is doing fine, he is eating enthusiastically and eliminating well (very important post-op)always in the designated area – a real gentleman. Since the first night when I tried to give him his antibiotic capsule in a piece of filet-mignon and he refused to eat it!! he has progressed to beef on the bone, chicken, and all sorts of goodies that mine take for granted and now has his medicine in a dish of catfood. It is just as well that I am leaving for Europe tomorrow morning or I just might not give this dog up. He has become an excellent watchi “warning” me whenever anyone arrives at the gate which, of course he cannot see, bless him. I will miss him while I am away but am moving to West Bay when I get back so will be able to see him every day on the beach. He is a darling, Sylvia

  2. Gennyca 09. May, 2010 at 11:53 am #

    Another one on behalf of Sylvia,

    What with the volcano and high winds causing JFK to close for a while last night. I’ve had so little sleep I am Zombified. I am missing my doggies, and Pedro, already. He is still at my house as Melissa, my housekeeper, is going to look after him and make sure he gets the rest of his medicine in palatable form i.e. catfood. He loves it!

  3. Penny Leigh 10. May, 2010 at 9:16 am #

    I am such a lucky girl. I am surrounded by caring friends with lots of great advice. Here I go trying to reinvent the wheel again. It was suggested to me that I look online for Animal Donation Boxes. Well, what do you know? Not only are they very attractive, they come with locks and keys and are in the shape of a doghouse!!
    The cost of each box, with shipping to Miami is $25.00 each. This is the best deal pricewise & is for a quantity of 10. I feel that number is just right. I want to distribute them from the East End to the West, with a monthly collection.
    I have had several inquiries as to the price of each box, so here we are. In the interest of time, I would like to move forward on this. We have pledges for 5 boxes so far. I am going to contact Hyber Shipping & DIP Shipping to see if they will donate the shipping from FL to Roatan. Hopefully we won’t get killed by customs.
    So, if you would like to be a sponsor, &/or you would like a donation box at your check-out desk, please let me know.
    We will be putting our sponsors’ names right on the doghouse, so let me know exactly how you wish your name to appear. Also, I really do need a handyman to help me drill holes in the acrylic so we can attach the boxes securely with a chain. We don’t want these doghouses growing legs…..
    I will place the order as soon as I hear back from the shipping companies and have 5 more pledges.
    Thanx to everyone for caring. We had our very first Paypal donation today!!!
    Hooray for the good guys!! We will make a difference.
    Penny, Friends & the Animals

  4. Joanne Clement 10. May, 2010 at 12:34 pm #

    Penny is awesome. My husband and I live in Canada and have sent a donation to help. When last in West End we befriended a young beach pup . We saw the blind dog engaged in a fight on the beach. We saw puppies- too many. What disturbed us the most was that the dogs are not neutred and spayed. This should be a prerequisite for dog ownership on Roatan. The problem is universal,however, you have a contained population on the island and over time a neutreing program would greatly improve the quality of life for these dogs. Please help educate the population of pet owners on the island. Joanne Clement AND Dr. R. Clement DVM

  5. Gennyca 10. May, 2010 at 3:28 pm #

    Thank you for contributing to RRR, you know from personal experience what a difference it can make.

    Unfortunately there are many people who cannot afford to get their animals fix. What Penny has got rolling will help and The world vets come to the Island a couple of times a year and do a clinic for free for those that cannot afford it.

  6. Penny Leigh 10. May, 2010 at 6:59 pm #

    I just spearheaded what needed to be done. The support has come in like a runaway freight train. It is so inspiring, encouraging & humbling. Joanne & her husband co-sponsored Franky’s chemo treatment & literally saved this litte girl’s life.
    Already it is apparent, we desperately need a facility for temporary foster care & After Care.
    Five rescues, pending adoptions in five weeks of operations.
    We are trying and workig hard.
    Exhausted but happy tired.
    Penny, Friends & the Animals

  7. Pam Sprester 12. May, 2010 at 2:44 pm #

    Genny and Penny!

    I am so thrilled about this project. Penny, this has been in my thoughts since I first visited Roatan. You have made my dream a reality. I would certainly want to help out once we get moved over there. Penny you can get my contact info. from Genny. We will be out again in Sept. Let me know what I can do from here as well.


  8. patty 16. May, 2010 at 7:57 am #

    Great to read of so many helping the animals of Roatan! We fed one dog regularly on our last visit who appeared literally starving. Due to weight restrictions when we travel we can’t bring large items. Are you in need of dog collars, leashes etc? Those would tuck into suitcases easily. Also, what specific medications are needed? We would love to help on our next visit which appears to be either Dec 10 or March 11 (or maybe both!).

  9. Penny Leigh 16. May, 2010 at 9:16 am #

    Dear Pam & Patty,
    Thank you for your kind offers to help. Volunteers tend to wax & wan as people come & go, busy with their own lives, so I take all offers of help with great gratitude!
    It has become quite apparent that after I rescue an animal, have it fixed, patched up, cleaned up & fed, it is all for nothing if they then are eaten alive by ticks & fleas, or contract heartworms, virtually bleeding to death. These medicatons are very expensive, like $10 a pill, so few can afford to buy them or keep up the monthly treatments. I know in Canada & the US, some of these meds must be dispursed by vets, hiking the price even higher. I have found online you can buy these meds in wholesale quantity from Ebay or Close-out specialists. For fleas & ticks AAdvantage does not work here. It is not waterproof & not strong enough. We need Frontline Plus for dogs & cats. It can be bought in big dispensers so I can dose based on animal’s weight, rather than the costly little dispenser packs. Next, heart worm prreventative. Heartgard is outrageously expensive. I have found Nugard, which is a third of the cost with identical ingredients. We need industrial size mite spray for parrots.These are the items we urgently need.
    I am hopelessly behind on RRR newz so that is my project for today.
    Thanx for caring & offering your help for the homeless animals of Roatan.

  10. patty 16. May, 2010 at 4:51 pm #

    Thanks for your response. We have a Vet friend, I’ll see if he can help us obtain frontline and/or the other meds wholesale. Heaven knows we pay enough for our 3 dogs and 3 cats that they should be happy to help! Also I’ll ck some ebay spots where I have bought frontline in the past. As our visit(s) gets closer I’ll ck back with you. In the meantime God Bless you. I know firsthand the challenges you face and also the great feeling when you help each animal!

  11. Gennyca 17. May, 2010 at 2:01 pm #

    Update from Penny

    Hello Everyone,
    Let me first apologize for the delay in communications. Alot has been happening simultaneously, so it’s been like juggling umpteen balls in the air.
    I am breaking down the RRR newz into several emails, so not to bore everyone & take up too much space in your busy computers. Once you see the Subject Subtitle, you can choose to read it or delete it.
    Your support has been absolutely overwhelming! In the interest of time, (time=money) the donation boxes have already been ordered. They have already been paid for, so, ummmm, would appreciate it if all who pledged funds would drop by or let me know where to find you. I have listed how you wish your name printed on the box. Please check to see that I have it written correctly. I will need the names from those of you who have not yet supplied me with one.

  12. Gennyca 17. May, 2010 at 6:49 pm #

    Posted by Penny

    Pedro’s Struggle to Get Home

    Blind Pedro had settled in at his foster’s home and was recovering nicely.
    The housekeeper was administering his meds and keeping him fed. Pedro was enjoying his temporary home. I received a frantic call at dawn. Some horrid man had come on the property with an aggressive dog. The dog attacked Pedro who was tied up. The attack got the housekeeper out of bed. It was bad. When I got there, Pedro was covered in blood. His ear and the top of his head were bitten badly. I tried to clean the wounds, but couldn’t get near him.
    He kept rubbing his head in the gravel to stop the pain. I then saw that the Frontline had done nothing to kill the ticks and he was in very bad shape.
    The lady thought he was just fine. She never returned my calls because she had no money in her phone. I removed Pedro with difficulty as he was so scared it took 3 of us to get him in the crate. I had nowhere to take him.
    Dr. Soto was located and was waiting for me at his clinic. Pedro was sedated, wounds cleaned and shaved, given a shot of antibiotics, flea & tick bath, wormed him and his terribly deformed nails were trimmed. Walking on
    sand, the nails never filed down, so it was difficult for him to walk on a hard suface. He spent the night at Dr. Soto’s. The next morning I barely recognized this beautiful dog and he smelled good too. It broke my heart
    that every time he heard my voice he started to shake. I am like the guy with the keys in E.T. When I show up, things go bad, or so it seemed to Pedro. He totally freaked out in front of the clinic with all the speeding
    traffic noise & managed to slip his collar, a huge truck narrowly avoiding him. I finally got the vet assistant to help me & once again struggled him back into the crate in Vanna White. One more leg to go. Once we were in the
    vicinity of West Bay Beach, a change came over Pedro, but he was again too afraid to come out of the crate. Finally I got the collar back on him, coaxed him out & walked him home. He perked up, head up and sped up. Once at
    Bananarama, he threw himself down in front of the bar, had a huge drink of water & actually smiled at me. I removed his collar and walked away with tears in my eyes. Pretty Pedro had made it back to the only home he has ever known.

  13. Gennyca 17. May, 2010 at 7:39 pm #

    Roatan Renegade Rescue Update X

    Our first rescue, known as Perp, Frazier, now Trouble is doing just great, an exuberant happy young fellow, part of a pack. When this hyper goofy boy has an energy explosion, his Chihuahua step brother puts him in his place. Trouble does live up to his name and couldn’t have a better home.

    Polytilly dog (nearly severed neck) is doing fine I am told.

    Pedro (blind) is back home on West Bay beach.

    Franky should be coming home from La Ceiba this Wednesday. She has an adoption applicant!

    Poor Bruce is still loose (broken leg). He has been spotted all the way back in West End, so I need help with his capture. He chewed through his lead on his second escape, why I need a donation of a long chain lead – for the animal’s own safety while awaiting treatment or in after care.

    We still have 5 adorable Calico mix cats waiting for furever homes. If you are lonely or bored, consider a Calico – they are very entertaining.

    Paypal is fully operatonal!!

    To donate, just go to Paypal. Put in Francie461@comcast.net as the recipient & the payment is on its way to RRR.

    More Donations!!

    Donations have been received from:

    Rick Mayeaux
    Kathleen Malone
    Cary Luber
    Claudio & Emiliana Miconi, Viva Properties
    Christian & Shannon Condon, Noodle Shack
    Thank you so very much.

    Kristin Haynes, artist extraordinnaire has offered to do a whimsical colored pencil drawing of “Miss Penny’s Casa” complete with my 10 rescues. I am going to use my portion of the sales proceeds of these art cards to help fund RRR. We will sell them at Penelope’s & various upcoming events, etc.

    We are also making Italian charm animal bracelets, stainless steel & gold plated for $10.00 – again for RRR, for sale at Penelope’s.

    Wristbands are selling steadily at Penelope’s. Locations where there have been no sales are because no one is telling the story: “For every 10 wristbands sold, we can spay or neuter, give medical aid, save the life of a homeless animal. ”
    Also, keeping them under the counter is a sure way of having -0- sales.
    If you are interested in selling RRR wristbands at your place of business, please let me know.

    Many kind people have inquired what we need the most. It is frustrating to capture/rescue these poor homeless animals, get them the medical help they need, heal them and then they bleed to death from tick, flea, mite infestations or heart worms. That is what we urgently need: medications and of course they are the most expensive items. I have done an enormous amount of online research and have found internet companies who will sell to me in quantity (bulk rate), without prescriptions.

    AAdvantage Flea & Tick Preventative: does not work here. Not strong enough & not waterproof.
    We need:
    Frontline Plus for dogs & cats. There is no generic and it is expensive. We can get a break in bulk. This is quite helpful as we are not paying for fancy little packages & I can administer it by approximate weight of animal.
    The best price I found was $104.00 for a 12 pak with free shipping to FL. Then we have the shipping & customs cost to Roatan.

    Heart worm preventative
    Heartgard, which I have always used is outrageous, about $10 a pill for giant breeds
    We need:
    Nugard It is a generic with the same exact ingredients for a third of the price. Online in Bulk Rate & some deals on Ebay.

    Profender Wormer by Bayer 1-800-633-3976

    BNT – Ear mites

    Mite Spray for parrots, industrial size

    We could save money if some of you could bring it in, in your checked luggage. (We lovingly call you Charity Mules…..:)

    A rescue group from where I adopted my Savannah, has a national source for discount coupons to rescue groups, anything animal related. They are very happy to help us. Problem is, the stores here do not take coupons. Please help me figure out a way to get the coupons from them to you, to purchase food, meds, supplies to be shipped or carried down to us.

    Thanx to Lin Coyle and another animal lover, we got two mentions on Trip Advisor!!! Getting the word out is gold. People are willing to help us if they know about us………Good Work ladies!

    Cruise Critic
    Looking for volunteers to post re: RRR. Can’t come from me, considered an advertisement.

    Cruise Ship Dock
    Thanx to Peggy Orange, Keyhole Bay, I now have contact information. My goal is to have Donation Boxes set up on the cruise ship docks. Could be huge and make our dream of building a facility a reality.

    RRR Website
    I am breathlessly…. gasping…. in great anticipation of our website. It is almost ready to go online. We decided to get it up with a few flaws, just to get things moving forward. When I received this generous offer to create a website for free, no doubt this person thought he was donating a few hours of his time for a great cause. Being a creative interior designer, this guy didn’t know what hit him. I would wake up in the middle of the night with more & more ideas, driving him quite mad I am sure.While quietly tearing his hair out, he patiently explained to me that each of my zany ideas were in the range of $2000 each: animation packages, etc….oooopsy. Our designer, Blake has done such a great job for us that I invited him down to Roatan for a big thank you, knowing our volunteers would put him up & feed him in gratitude. He giggled and said his parents would not allow him to fly alone.
    Blake is a FOURTEEN year old, home schooled, self taught web designer GENIUS!!! Unbelievable.

    Trying to figure out the best way to set up our Adoption Page, it seems many organizations use Petfinders. I know I am on it all the time. They have a proactive outreach program, so undaunted, I contacted them. Our hang up is Honduras does not have a zipcode and that is how their search site is set up. We are trying to set it up using my US mailing address zip code with a location explanation listed with each animal photo. To do so, we need an up and running website, letter from our vet stating we are an organization he works with and a formal Adoption application on the website. All in the works. If we are accepted, Honduras will be the first country in the world without a zipcode listed on Petfinders…….(Roatan, the Little Island That Could!)

    Well, now you know everything going on at RRR.
    Thank you to all for your continued support & encouragement.

    Penny, Friends & the Animals

  14. Gennyca 25. May, 2010 at 9:24 pm #

    Roatan Renegade Rescue Update XI

    Baby Keith, at Death’s Door
    This rescue is nothing short of a miracle. I will let the rescuers’ emails tell this story:

    Penny, we need your help.

    Mickey and I were driving up to the Mega Mall, when on the side of the road by Reco, I spotted a scrawny little puppy, dirty, haggard and about to drop who looked like he was going to try and cross the street. I yelled at Mickey who made a wild U-turn in the middle of the road that you might have seen on Miami Vice, came back on the wrong side of the road, stopping traffic, while I jumped out and scooped the little guy up. It was teamwork in action.

    You never saw such a forlorn little creature in your life. Probably no more than 6 or 8 weeks old, every rib in his body sticking out, barely able to stand, right out in the hot sun right on the edge of the busy highway.

    I scooped him up and put him on my lap and we drove straight to Dr. Soto’s. Luckily he was there. We got him a bowl of water first and he was almost too exhausted to drink. He finally drank a little water and Dr. Soto gave him a shot of vitamins. He was afraid to try and deworm him or do much else because of his extremely depressed immune system.

    We left him there with instructions to wash (he was covered with fleas) and get rid of the ticks and said we would be back to pick him up. When we returned, Dr. Soto had already left but there was a girl at the register (who spoke no English). We managed to convey that we wanted to give the puppy food and water. She started to give him some dry food (that I know he never would have been able to get down) so we found a can of adult wet food (lamb & rice), got it open with a knife and put it in his cage in a dish, with a bowl of water.

    At this point we were very discouraged. Even with food and water in the carrier, he just sat in the corner in the back of his cage with his eyes closed and his head down on his chest. I really thought that we might have been too late but the girl picked him up, brought him up to the food and gently pushed his head into the dish and he started to eat. Mickey and I almost cheered.

    Since neither of us had a place to keep him we decided to board him overnight to let him stay in an air conditioned space where he could get some rest and hopefully replenish himself. The girl gave me the bill which I paid, and told her we would be back tomorrow to pick him up. When we went back to look at him one last time before leaving, he was still eating. He’s a little trooper.

    This little guy never smiled once, never wagged his tail, never showed any sign of emotion whatsoever the whole time we had him (except when he got his vitamin shot that stings-then he cried out). Imagine a puppy at that age not smiling or wagging his tail even once. He really needs a break. His short little life has been nothing but suffering and neglect and maybe now he will get a second chance.

    If we brought him to you tomorrow, do you think you might find him a good home? I know the enormity of our request because there aren’t that many people on the island apparently looking for sweet pets. But this guy is sweet and I’ll bet with a little love and nourishment he would flourish.

    He was so sad and weak when we found him, he climbed right into my heart.
    Mickey went by Soto’s this morning early to check on him. He said his little tummy was bulging. I don’t think he stopped eating from the time he finally started until Mickey saw him this morning.

    Please Penny.

    Thank you so much,

    Penny had her day planned out to stay home & catch up on all her emails, business stuff, accounting & of course the backlog of RRR info to get out, website work & most importantly thank you’s to donors and others with great ideas to share. After the above email, I might as well have thrown the foot high pile of papers in the In Bin out the window. I have no place yet to board animals awaiting adoption or for the critical after care, so rely on my trusty band of volunteers. I had one couple in mind who would be perfect. Said a little prayer, took a deep breath and emailed them. I got a call back immediately. They were on their way and would foster the poor little thing until he was well enough to be adopted. I immediately called Keith, who was overjoyed.
    They scooped him up in a towel & came down to Penelope’s for overnight emergency supplies out of Vanna White & also so I could take a peek….so small & raw from his flea & tick bath. Please find the attached “Before Photos.” The last 2 are the “After Photos” about 2 days later. Well, if there was ever a fussing, nurturing clucking hen of a mom, that is Lin and her baby.

    Baby Keith’s first progress report:
    The little guy is sleeping in his crate with his new toy, blankie – his crate has an attachable water bowl and it’s got Pedialyte/water mixture which he drinks up. He ate a good meal when we got him home – we stopped on the way home and bought him puppy food. We were worried that his little tummy might have trouble digesting the adult canned food.

    He’s doing what puppies do – eating, sleeping, drinking and pooping. Tomorrow he’ll have another flea bath since he’s scratching again and we don’t want his skin irritated anymore than it already is.

    I hear tiny cries which tells me he woke up and wants out….

    The next day I receive a phone call from John, giving me an update on LUCKY (Baby Keith). The puppy only cried out a few times before settling down to sleep, is exploring the yard and looking around for his siblings and following Lin everywhere, peppy & puppylike. I am then informed there is no need to look any further. Lucky has been adopted! From about dead on the side of the road to living in the lap of luxury, Lucky is aptly named.

    Email from Lucky’s new mom to a friend, kind of sums this story up.
    RRR had another successful rescue last Thursday – a little puppy (less than 3 pounds) who was covered in fleas/ticks and so very sick that he couldn’t even cross the road. Thanks to a good samaritan who u-turned and rescued him, then drove him right to the vet’s office – this little boy received the urgent medical care that he needed to live another day. The vet mentioned that it was the worst infestation that he had ever seen…

    Long story short, Penny reached out to us to see if we could foster him until she could get him adopted and of course we agreed. It was instant love on our part for this little fighter – who has had such a hard life for being so young and yet continues to trust people. We’ve named him Lucky and we feel as though we’re the lucky ones that he came into our life.

    Rescuer Keith’s reaction:
    . “If you’re ever up a tree, call on me. If you’re ever in jam, here I am. It you’re ever sawed in half, I won’t laugh, it’s friendship, friendship, just the perfect blendship”…. Mickey and I are both in your debt and at your disposal.

    Penny: Well, that’s good. RRR will take all the help we can get.
    A Reunion is being planned between rescuers & the proud new parents. Hope they take lots of pictures. (Sniff)

    Penny, Friends & The Animals


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