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Kraft Dinner and Dijon Mustard on Roatan

21 May

Remember that song…If I had a million dollars? You know the one by the Barenaked Ladies, the well known Canadian band.

Who hasn’t let their mind wander, thinking of what they would do if they had a million dollars (with the way inflation goes, probably thinking a million dollars wouldn’t be enough anymore to do what you really, really, really want to do though.)

When you sit back and envision this money that has suddenly appeared, what is the first thing you tell yourself you are going to do with it?

Visit a tropical Island? Or better yet…you’re going to move to a tropical Island?

Perhaps you are a contestant on a game show (Deal or No Deal, comes to mind) and Howie (another famous Canadian) asks you, “What would you do if you won the top prize?” Go to a tropical Island?

The chances of a million dollars dropping in your lap, or winning big on a game show are about as good as winning the lottery…what are the odds for that happening…I think it’s about one in a bazillion.

So you tell yourself, You’ll work really really, really hard. Commute to and from a job (that’s…okay, you guess.) You’ll have no time for anything else right now. But you’ll save up and then retire on a tropical Island! Spending the rest of your days; relaxing and watching the sunset!

So what about those of us who live on the tropical Island of Roatan?

None of us had a million dollars magically appear. None of us were contestants on a game show, or won the lottery. And the majority of us are not yet the traditional retirement age.

Yet, we spend the majority of our time – right here – right now – on the tropical Island of Roatan, nestled in the Caribbean Ocean, with soft white sand beaches, lush jungle foliage and glorious sunsets, because…even without the million dollars, we can get Kraft Dinner and Dijon mustard on Roatan.

Well, that’s nice, but not the reason.

We are on Roatan because – The Roatan Vortex pulled us in…and we never want to leave!

Here’s a few of the other things that pulled me in.

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