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Come on down to Roatan

25 Sep

Ahhh, the scent of autumn is in the air. The leaves on the trees getting ready to put on a show of glorious colours of crimson and gold, before falling to the ground leaving a stark landscape of grey until the spring buds appear again.

It’s time to pack away flip-flops, t-shirts, and bathing suits, to be replaced with winter boots, sweaters, and long-johns. That’s okay though, as my summer tan fades I’d rather cover as much of my pale skin as I can.

It is still warm enough to spend the majority of my time outdoors without having to take the extra time to put on gloves, a hat, and scarf. And when inside, the windows can be wide open, with no need for an extra blanket on the bed, socks or slippers on my feet, or a Snuggie (you know the blanket with sleeves) while I watch TV.

Wait a minute…I live on Roatan! The tropical Paradise Island nestled in the Caribbean Sea.

Sounds like I’m bragging, doesn’t it? That’s not my intent…really!

Living on Roatan for more than three years now, I do miss the changing seasons—the fall colours truly are glorious. I used to have a few favorite sweaters and a pair of suede boots that I was happy to see again after being tucked away all summer. And even though I’m not a fan of cold weather, nothing is as beautiful as that first blanket of snow sparkling across the landscape.

I must also admit that I’ve become accustom to not wearing shoes or socks, at any time, or the weather being chilly enough to wear a shirt that has actual sleeves. I love waking every morning to a Caribbean sunrise peeking through the lush jungle foliage, while listening to birds singing their morning song through the always open balcony doors and windows. Well, I’d rather the roosters didn’t join in, but you can’t have everything.

Sounds like I’m bragging again, doesn’t it? Really my intentions are pure. The reason for this story is to entice YOU to take a break from those things that will elude you this winter and come on down to Roatan!

It will soon be that time again when getting to Roatan from Canada (well, Toronto and Montreal) is easier and cheaper than any other time of the year.

Starting Dec 13 until May 2 Sunwing offers a direct flight every Monday to Roatan from Toronto, and Dec 20 until Feb 28 to Roatan from Montreal.

The rest of the year requires no less than one connection when flying to Roatan from either of these locations.

The price is pretty good too!

If you opt for the flight only option it is almost half the price of flying to Roatan with commercial carriers. And the extra savings can be huge if you take the chance and wait to book. Last year, the week leading up to each flight—every 24 hrs closer to the date of travel the price dropped $100. Now, I have no way of knowing this will be the case this year, and all-inclusive packages don’t drop that drastic.

All-inclusive offers a few choices for accommodations, but there is some confusion too.

If you sign up for all-inclusive “Roatan Roulette” you will be booked at one of the following resorts:
Paradise Beach Club
• Las Sirenas
• Henry Morgan
• Mayan Princess

The roulette is that you don’t get to choose and you don’t know which one you’ll be staying at until a few days before your trip, but you save some money.

If you’d rather know for sure which resort you will be staying at you do have the option to choose. This is where the confusion comes into the picture. In addition to the resorts listed above, for this option two more are available:
Turquoise Bay
• Media Luna

While Turquoise Bay is known, nobody has heard of Media Luna. I looked into it and apparently it was scheduled to open in-time for last year’s charter season…but it didn’t. The scheduled open date is now October 31, 2010.

All the other resorts have websites you can check out with details of what they offer. As for Media Luna, it sounds great, but I have no idea if it will be open or how accurate the information (so far) is.

I want to note that I have no affiliation of any kind with Sunwing or any of the associated resorts. I’m pretty sure they don’t even know or care that I’m posting this.

I’m sharing this to entice you to visit Roatan!

Family and (close) friends you know you are welcome to stay with us. I can’t wait to hear people’s definition of close. And for everyone else you will just have to suffer through staying at a resort on one of the top ten beaches in the world!

3 Responses to “Come on down to Roatan”

  1. Karen McLean 26. Sep, 2010 at 6:04 am #

    Can’t wait. Moving again in the next week. Unpacking and then packing for Roatan! See you soon!

    Karen and Steve

  2. Joellyn Lazarek 27. Sep, 2010 at 2:34 pm #

    I have a brother and sister in law who live on Roatan. Is that “close” enough to stay with you? Seriously, I enjoy reading your blog and have visited before. I love it there and can’t wait to visit again.

  3. Gennyca 27. Sep, 2010 at 3:57 pm #

    Hey Joellyn,
    Almost close enough, but not quite. Thanks for keeping informed about Roatan through my stories.
    I’m sure your brother and sister-in-law look forward to you visiting. I love when my family comes down!

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