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Roatan Triathlon 2011

30 Jan

I’ve shared–obvious, and not so obvious benefits of living on Roatan, then there are the spectacular International news worthy events! 2011 Roatan ITU Triathlon Pan American Cup

I got my camera ready and headed out to capture it all!

The fun started on Friday, January 21:

Expo and Registration – 2:00 to 5:00 PM – At Henry Morgan.

Free Tour of the Course – 3:00 PM.

Sunset Gathering – 5:00 PM – On beach.

Opening Ceremony – 5:30 PM – On beach.

A weather system had moved in, churning up the Caribbean Sea (in front of West Bay Beach) that is more often than not, as smooth as a sheet of glass.

The kids had fun, frolicking in the waves crashing ashore!

The parasailing was pretty good too!

And the sunset, well… it put on a show second to none!

Saturday, January 22:

Mini-Triathlon and Free Kids Beach Run.

Registration for Kid’s Run – 1:00 PM

Kids Beach Run – 2:00 PM

Mini Corporate Triathlon Challenge – 3:00 PM

The winners take center stage!

Just as it had been on Friday, the waves were still rolling in, bring in a little seaweed too.

This didn’t hamper the progress of the kid’s in the mini-triathlon and beach run.

The wind did give them a little trouble with getting their competitor vests on for more photo taking though.

But like the true champions they all are… they got it handled.

More photos of Friday and Saturday events can be seen here:

Pre-triathlon Album



Sunday, January 23: RACE DAY!

Transition Area Opens – 6:00 AM – Athletes must arrive no later than 6:30 AM.

Race starts at 7:30 AM in front of Henry Morgan Resort on West Bay Beach.

With the Triathlon starting so early, and the main road (between where I live in Sandy Bay and West Bay Beach) closed to general traffic for the race, I spent Saturday night at John and Barbara’s so I would be in the right area when things got started. Baba and I headed out early and were on West Bay Beach to join the other spectators cheering on the Triathlon athletes as they entered the water. The Caribbean Sea was still churning and the sky–overcast. While fighting the rough waves (I’m sure) added an extra challenge to the course for the athletes–the usually blazing sunlight staying at bay while they rode their bikes and ran (I’m sure) was appreciated. I’d love to post all the pictures I shot this day. But, the time it would take for the Roatan Vortex site to load, I wouldn’t blame you for giving up on waiting, so instead here is a taste of this extraordinary event, participated in by International class athletes on the little Island, nestled in the Caribbean Sea–Ah Roatan–gotta love it! The rest of the photos can be viewed here: Roatan Triathlon 2011 Results can be seen here: Roatan ITU Triathlon Results and here is what Chris Foster, American Olympic hopeful had to say about competing on Roatan. I pretty funny (and typical) account of getting around the Island–before the race.

Photo Credits: Roatan Vortex, all rights reserved. Please contact me for permission to link and/or to purchase full-size photos.

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  1. Dalene 30. Jan, 2011 at 11:24 am #

    Some cool shots! We’re sorry we missed it!

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