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Making new friends is a way of life on Roatan

6 Feb

It’s that time of year when the snow is piling high on sidewalks and roadways, drivers are playing bumper cars as they skid on the ice while commuting to work, it takes longer to get the kids ready to walk to school (piling on the layers to protect against the bitter cold) than it takes them to walk there. That time of year when the next noteworthy time off is not until Easter week, when the crocuses are pushing through the remaining crusts of snow—that is determined to keep the ground asleep until the sun’s rays are warm enough to get things growing. The lack of a good dose of natural Vitamin D, has people getting a little testy with each other, and in some cases can be downright debilitating. So what is a person to do?

Come on down to Roatan!

Snow? Ice? Cold? No, no, and no!

White sand beaches? Yes! Ice? Only in a tall frosty drink! And as for cold? Does a low of 24C (75F) count?

Now, this is pretty much Roatan all year round, but, at this time of year more than any other, visitors flock to this little Island gem, grateful to make their escape from dull grey skies, and a dormant landscape. I have the great pleasure of connecting with many of them as they plan their trip to Roatan. Some, I have been in contact with for more than ½ a year. I meet them through Roatan Vortex Click here to Contact Me! or through sites like Trip Advisor, or other blog sites that I write for, and occasionally they are friends of friends back in Canada, looking for a little inside info… always love to share!

Through the modern technology version of “pen pals” I have made many new friends that I quite often have the pleasure of meeting when they come to Roatan.

Most recently it was Norm and Carol Udeschini, and their entourage of family and friends: Owen & Louise, Tony & Ange, Denis & Denis, Ron & Mona, from Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. We chatted back and forth for months, and when the week came that they would be here, we arranged to meet at Henry Morgan on West Bay Beach. I watched their expressions when they got their first glimpse of West Bay Beach, that Lonely Planet rates as one of the top 10 beaches in Central America. I marvelled at their looks of awe, and amazement, taking in the glories of the Caribbean Sea gently lapping at the sugar soft sand beach.

In our correspondence during the previous months, it was agreed that on one of the days of their vacation, I would arrange and accompany them on a tour of the east end of the Island. Made sense, they were quite content to hang out on the west end for most of the week, but, throwing in a day exploring the east end was of interest too. Since there were ten of them, I arranged for Juan Carlos of Islander Tours to provide the transportation and to be their guide. I went along to hang out with my new friends, and to beguile them with my stories of Roatan… from a fellow Canadian’s point of view, of course.

What is that saying about, “the best laid plans?” While the weather was picture postcard perfect 6 of the 7 days they were here. The one and only day it POURED RAIN all day, not stopping even for a moment, was the day of the east end tour! What troopers they all were! We made it all the way to Camp Bay, but, not being able to find a dry place to stop for lunch, we had planned on brunch at Hole in the Wall, I did what every good friend (and tour guide) does, I called my friend Kent at Blue Bahia in Sandy Bay. By the time we arrived—a soggy bunch, he had everything ready to ensure my Ontario friends had a great meal, on the covered deck, with a great view of a churning sea, not quite as pleasant as it usually is, but still beautiful to be near.

A slide show of their week on Roatan can be seen Here

I want to also thank Norm & Carol and the Cotton Candy Daycare Center in Sudbury for the generous donations they brought for the Roatan Daycare Center.

Everything was graciously received, and will all be put to good use… thank you!

There are many more queuing up to make their journey to Roatan: my “kindred spirit” friend and his young daughter, from Texas—we chat on-line frequently about education options and volunteer opportunities. The couple from North Carolina, who visited Roatan on a cruise ship and are now making plans to come hang out on Roatan for an extended stay—we chat about ocean view vs beach access, and I’ve assured them that (most of the time) cream cheese is available to purchase at the grocery store—Can’t wait until they get here, so we can chat in person, sitting on the deck, eating homemade cheese cake and sipping wine! There is my good friend from South Africa and his lovely young daughter, who will be returning soon—we met for the first time (virtually, not literally) when I was on-air for the Roatan Vortex Show at 101.1FM Roatan Radio sharing the exciting news that “Nutella” was now available on Roatan!

There’s one more encounter that I want to share; met a group of cruisers, one afternoon when I was hanging out at “Tita’s Pink Seahorse” (next to Sueno Del Mar) with a few of my expat Island friends. We started chatting, and were thrilled to discover—most of us were from Canada! As the conversation carried on about the wonders of Roatan, another round of exotic cocktails were set in front of them. When one of the Canadian cruisers went to take a sip of his—the tall frosty glass base stayed behind on the bar—sending the contents gushing through the now gaping hole! Glad I had my IPhone handy to capture the moment!

Welcome to Roatan my new friends—I’m looking forward to meeting you all! Gotta run now, it’s time to go meet my new friends from Saskatchewan, who arrived yesterday!


This story can also be read at Honduras Weekly retitled, ” White Beaches, No Snow on Roatan”

And until we can meet in person (if you haven’t already) click here to become friends on Facebook!Roatan Vortex | Create Your Badge

3 Responses to “Making new friends is a way of life on Roatan”

  1. Pedro 06. Feb, 2011 at 10:33 am #

    Hey Genny! Great post, and it’s crazy how many Canadians are down here!! Sorry to hear that 1 day we have rain in the past couple weeks it had to be when your tour was, but nonetheless it sounds like it was still a great day!

    Looking forward to reading (and hearing) more stories from you!

  2. Gennyca 06. Feb, 2011 at 10:41 am #

    Oh man… I should have included you and Dalene on my list of notable new (Canadian) friends here on Roatan! You two are at the top! :)

  3. Johnny 06. Feb, 2011 at 10:55 pm #

    Thanks for the friendship Genny… and for the mention of us in your latest and really good story!!!
    See you soon!!!

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