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What I’ve learned on Roatan

11 Mar

I learned a bunch of stuff this week, and want to share! Some of it directly relates to first time visitors to Roatan, some came from friends on the Island that I’ve known for a long time. There is a tidbit or two from new friends who have contacted me here. And then there is the profound insight I got from watching a classic movie the other night (that I haven’t seen in many years) called, The Stepford Wives.

First Time Visitors
More specifically—first time Canadian visitors. Every Monday until mid May, the Sunwing charter out of Toronto arrives (Montreal just finished for this season); I hang out at the airport, not because I have a job with Sunwing or anything like that, but just because I love meeting new arrivals to Roatan, especially my fellow Canadians! Now before you starting fearing being accosted by the crazy lady, smiling at you as you come through the (one and only) arrival gate at the Roatan Airport, don’t worry… just think of me as your Walmart Greeter on Roatan!

On occasion I’m meeting people I know. Most recently it was a family member and friend, who were staying at my place for a week. Prior to the visit they were hesitant to travel to Roatan. After all, it must be dangerous to go to Honduras! I’m happy to report that they found out that not only are they as safe here, they also discovered that Roatan is a pretty cool place to hang out!

Thanks to their keen observations, I have to up-date 10 Tips to Not Get Treated Like a Tourist. #11 Don’t wear sunglasses! I know, I never noticed this before, but the vast majority of people wearing sunglasses on Roatan are tourists.

I also learned something about the Sunwing charter. This weekend Daylight Savings starts. We don’t do Daylight Savings on Roatan, there will be no moving our clocks ahead one hour, but Toronto does! That means everyone who is leaving this Monday (March 14) has to be at the Roatan Airport one hour earlier than they originally thought!… I’ll give you a few seconds to figure that one out… Still unsure what I’m talking about? Try this… when you arrived this past Monday (March 7) there was a one hour time difference between Roatan and Toronto, but when you leave Monday, March 14, there will be a two hour time difference.

Should keep that info handy for the cruiseship schedules too! Ship time is not Roatan time!

Island Friends
I recently started Roatan Vortex on Facebook. I share lots of pictures of day to day life on Roatan, articles about Roatan that I find around the web Hecktic Travel, and updates of the Roatan Vortex show on Roatan Radio.


I was at Infinity Bay, West Bay Beach on Sunday, and met up with a friend who I had requested to be a Roatan Vortex friend on Facebook. I asked why he hadn’t accepted me as a friend.

What I learned? He didn’t realize it was me! Here is a list of my aliases to help out: Roatan Vortex, DJ Genevieve, Genevieve Ross, (formerly) Genny Ross-Barons and Gennyca.


New Friends
Some I have met through Trip Advisor, Frommer, Fodor, Lonely Planet, and more often than not through Roatan Vortex. Got a question about visiting Roatan? I’ll do my best to answer… or make a suggestion of where you can find out what you want to know. One of the questions I was recently asked requested I give some inside info by comparing two Roatan resorts. It was suggested however, that since I “did business” with both resorts—it was okay if I preferred to not reply.

What I learned? I need to let you all know that I am not affiliated with any businesses on Roatan (or anywhere else for that matter.) Any and all inside information I share is based solely on my personal experience and/or knowledge of the location or service. I just love to share Roatan from an inside point of view—ain’t nobody paying me to do this!

Profound Insight
I watched The Stepford Wives, the 1975 movie on TV the other night, adapted from the novel by Ira Levine (not to be confused with the 1994 remake with the same name—that one was just plain dumb.) I hadn’t seen the movie in quite a few years, and thoroughly enjoyed watching it again. The suspense, the drama… would Joanna escape before it was too late!?

In the manner I’ve become accustom to since moving to Roatan I couldn’t help but glean out the veiled message, the profound insight, the truisms about life on Roatan… oh-oh… I’ve surpassed the word count I like to stay within for the stories I post here on Roatan Vortex! I think I’ll save this one for the next one I write…

To ensure you don’t miss out!

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When a new story is posted at Roatan Vortex, you’ll be one of the first to know about it. Don’t worry I won’t pass your email address on to anyone, I just love to share Roatan… and I’d hate for you to miss out!

Just one more thing I want to share today! The Roatan Daycare Center website now includes a BLOG! That’s right we be blogging! The first story is now posted, be sure to check back often for more!

7 Responses to “What I’ve learned on Roatan”

  1. Joellyn Lazarek 11. Mar, 2011 at 3:34 pm #

    I will be on the Island in 2 weeks !!! Hope to see you around and meet you. Have you seen the guy on West Bay beach selling Sea Salt? That is my brother, Barry.

  2. Pete @ Hecktic Travels 11. Mar, 2011 at 4:41 pm #

    Hey Genny!! Firstly, thanks for the shout out!! We too seem to be getting sucked into the vortex. Each day that goes by, I can’t imagine leaving this beautiful place.

    I am so glad that we don’t have a flight to catch and have to worry about the time change stuff. By the time we leave here hopefully the clocks are back to the time it is now and we will be on time ;) See ya around!

    PS congrats on the daycare blog, we will mosey on over and have a peek!

  3. zoey 12. Mar, 2011 at 12:23 pm #

    genny love love love your articles and it made my day to finally meet you at the airport one monday back when I was bouncing from departure to arrivals to send my husband home safe and welcome our daughters to the island for their first trip saw you at Infinity on sunday but did not get the chance to catch up to you to have a visit again was you hubby playing the drums at tranquil seas a week back on a tuesday night great band in there got the place hoping by the way how did the canadian shopper make out for her holiday kudos to her on a great ticket prices I bow to her again for her technique
    hahahah take care

  4. Gennyca 12. Mar, 2011 at 5:01 pm #

    Hey Zoey, it was great to meet you too! So what did your daughters think of Roatan? Loved it I’m sure. Yeah, Dave plays at Tranquil Seas most Tuesdays, and more often at Infinity on Sundays too. I’m thinking Canadian Shopper will be back again. And me… I’ll be at the airport on Monday greeting all the newbies and returning Canadian visitors.

  5. Gennyca 12. Mar, 2011 at 5:03 pm #

    Look forward to meeting you Joellyn! I can’t say if I’ve met Barry or not, but I’ll be at Infinity Bay, West Bay Beach this Sunday, I’m going to watch for the guy with the sea salt!

  6. Gennyca 12. Mar, 2011 at 5:06 pm #

    Hey Pete, the time change thing is a bit of a nuisance, but I’ve gotten used to switching between the two. I really enjoy helping out with the Daycare Center in Coxen Hole. The difference they are making is so clear to see.

  7. drummerDave 15. Mar, 2011 at 2:26 am #

    I have seen Barry set up between Bananarama and Paradise Beach Club on the beach.
    Nice photography Genny!!!

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