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Monster Lizard Ravages Roatan

7 Apr

Monster Lizard Ravages Roatan

Just like Les Nessman broadcasted from WKRP, as DJ Genevieve, I will keep you updated on the (accurate, fact based, nothing but the absolute truth) inside information of day to day life on Roatan, on the Roatan Vortex Show, at 101.1 FM The Islands Buzz, and live streaming around the world at Roatan Radio, every Saturday morning starting at 10 AM, Roatan Time. We don’t do daylight savings on Roatan, so half of the year we are on Mountain Standard Time, the other half we are on Central Standard Time—kind of confusing I know!

Every show has a theme (I love the word theme, reminds me of Ralphie from “A Christmas Story” when he had to write a theme about what he wanted for Christmas) covering such compelling topics as:
• Ten Tips to Not Get Treated Like a Tourist
• There are Bugs in My Pasta—so what!
• An Insider’s Guide for Moving to a Caribbean Island—What to bring with you, and what to leave behind!

I also talk about upcoming events, fund raisers, and interview amazing guests; most recently a Zoological Specialist who is on the Island, studying the Black Spiny Tailed Iguana—which can only be found on Roatan, by the way, how cool is that!

In turn, I encourage listeners from around the world to share their stories and insight with me! I wanna know; what’s your favourite (weirdest) snack food choice—mine is grapefruit & red licorice; what makes you smile—I smile when there is a good selection of Grape Jelly at the grocery store; and those thought provoking questions such as:

  • Do you know why cockroaches like to live in my Scotch-tape dispenser?
  • Have you ever wonder what your back looks like?

Be sure to listen in every Saturday morning to The Roatan Vortex Show with your host Genevieve. And if by chance you miss a live show, full episodes can be found right here. Every week I will post the previous Saturday’s show for your listening pleasure—unless I didn’t like the way I sounded on a particular show, then I’ll just say the recorder didn’t work that week!

Saturday, March 26, 2011
Theme: Snacks!
I asked you to share with me what your preferred snack foods were. Wow, some weird stuff!

Saturday, April 2, 2011
Theme: Only on Roatan—the Black Spiny Tailed Iguana Project
Did you know that this Iguana can only be found on Roatan? This fun and informative interview with Stesha Pasachnik, tells you all about them.

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Coming Up Saturday, April 9, 2011
Theme: Some Things that Make Me Smile

And I wanna know: What makes you smile? So far you’ve shared lots of smile makers… but, I want more! Be sure to let me know in time for the show Saturday (April 9), I might share them on-air!

After doing my research for this posting, here’s one more thing I just have to add to my list of things that make me smile!

Seasons Greetings

23 Dec

It’s that time of year to wish one and all a Safe & Happy Holiday, and a prosperous New Year! I sincerely offer you all the same.

I have the good fortune to be celebrating Christmas with my Mom this year, in Texas, so this greeting does not come from Roatan.

But, I couldn’t resist sharing this photo I shot (with my Iphone) while grocery shopping on the Island one day… in July!

Pick a Holiday, any Holiday!

Click on picture to enlarge details

House Hunters Int (sort of)

18 Nov

My favourite TV series is House Hunters International. I started watching it when I still lived in Canada, scrutinizing every exotic (to me) location. I was looking forward to continuing the trend when I moved to Roatan, but, initially, although we have cable TV on Roatan, a channel broadcasting that show wasn’t available.

When I went to visit family and friends in Canada this past Christmas, in-between watching re-runs of Classic Christmas movies (without Spanish dubbing or sub-titles, a real treat) I caught up on some episodes of House Hunters International. I got to visit homes for sale in Costa Rica, Spain, Italy, and even one in Vancouver British Columbia. Thing was though, I knew there had been some filmed on Roatan and I was anxious to see one, especially now that I lived on the Island. Heck, I’d probably recognize the actual house or at least the community (in the grand scheme of things Roatan is a fairly small Island.) No such luck, I returned to my Island home not having seen an episode highlighting a property on Roatan.

About nine months ago, the cable company switched things up again (they do that fairly often) and some channels were lost, replaced with different ones. To my surprise and pleasure one of the new channels broadcasts House Hunters International, Mondays and Wednesdays, two episodes each of those nights.

Lawson Rock

So now I’ve seen the ones that were filmed on Roatan! I enjoyed seeing inside homes that I recognized in West Bay, West End, Sandy Bay, Flowers Bay, and one on the east end of the Island. The most fun was one of them in West Bay that was directly across the road from where the Roatan Radio station used to be. I could see that house from the “crow’s nest” when I was DJ Genevieve on the Roatan Vortex radio show. Another one was at the Lawson Rock Condos, Sandy Bay. An easy walk on the beach, and visible from my dock where I live in Sandy Bay.

Turn left to go to Lawson Rock

As well as enjoying watching TV shows like House Hunters International, it also (about every two years when I lived in Canada) inspires me to want to sell my home and find a different one to transform into my own. I thought I got over that habit when I moved to Roatan, but obviously not! Mind you, I did hold out for three years instead of just two. But the time has come to move on. I’ve added all the finishing touches, including a few faux painting techniques that I’m real happy with.

Hand Painted Reverse Aquarium

Faux Painted Backsplash

Sunset from Dock

And for those of you who have seen the MLS listing at Roatan Life Real Estate you have expressed concern that we are leaving the Island. I assure you we are not, there’s even a good chance we’ll continue to live in Sundancer, Sandy Bay. I may be in need of a new home project but I’m not giving up these sunsets and sunrises!

Sunrise from Loft Balcony

Oh, and to the couple who came to view the cabana a few days ago…as you walked through you commented, “I feel like I’m on House Hunters International!” YOU SOOOOO MADE MY DAY!

Your luggage is not lost-it is just not here!

26 Mar

Your luggage is not lost-it is just not here!

I spent Christmas with my family in Canada. I had a fantastic time, but by December 26th I was ready to return to my tropical Island home—Roatan, Honduras. I was ready to leave my fleece lined coat and woolly sweaters behind. My toes were screaming to be released from confining winter boots, desperate to be wearing flip-flops again. I arrived at Pearson Airport, Toronto, Ontario three hours ahead of my scheduled departure time (which meant I was there at 4:30 AM.) Little did I realize that three hours wasn’t going to be enough time!

Apparently, the day before (Christmas Day) a passenger on a flight from Nigeria to the US had set his lap on fire! RED ALERT! RED ALERT! RED ALERT!

Before boarding the plane there was an extensive list of new security measures in place for all flights landing in the US that took a couple of extra hours to complete. So by the time my flight landed in Atlanta, my connecting flight to Roatan had already left. I strolled off the plane knowing there was no need to rush; I’d be spending the night in Atlanta. Oh well, but what about my luggage? It’s hit and miss at the best of times to have your bags arrive with you when you fly to Roatan; throw in a twist or two and…

The airline re-booked me with a different carrier for the next day. So when I arrived home to Roatan and stood at the baggage conveyor belt anticipating no luggage for me, I was pleasantly surprised to see one of my bags snaking along the belt. As for my second suitcase, no such luck.

A routine familiar to most of us who travel to and from Roatan was about to unfold. I sauntered over to the counter (where you report if your luggage didn’t arrive with you) ready to explain what happened to the clerk behind the counter. I knew it would be an absolute waste of time, but what the heck—I’d give it a try!

I told my story…and waited. She listened to my tale, peering at me through droopy eyelids. I realized she had lost interest so I start patting my sides, demonstrating being physically searched; as I was at the Toronto airport. Her eyelids rise a bit. Ah ha, she feels my pain—I’m going to get my second suitcase…

Without keying anything into the computer terminal, without even a glance at the room where unclaimed luggage is kept, without suggesting I fill-out a missing luggage report, she said, “Come back tomorrow, your bag will be here then.”

She knew that I knew. It wouldn’t be.

Let the games begin!

Day Two, I returned to the airport. Same clerk, different answer, “Our airline doesn’t have your bag—you flew with another airline.”

Silly me, Wagging my claim ticket in-front of her, I tried to again explain what happened.

“We’ll call you when it arrives.” Her expression as dull as it had been the previous day.

She knew that I knew. Nobody was going to call me.

She won this round, but I’ll be prepared when I return the next day.

Day three, I marched toward the counter. She’s ready with the blocker. “Your bag is still on the Mainland, in San Pedro Sula. It had a RUSH, Expedite sticker on it (with this airline that means don’t send it on.) They took it off the plane coming here today.” She waved me away. “Come back tomorrow.”

Man! She’s good, two excellent fake-outs in a row. We stare at each other. I was weak, I admit it. I meekly suggested she go look in the back room, just to confirm it’s not here yet. She shuffled away, returning a few minutes later, “Your bag’s not here. Come back tomorrow.”

Day four, I’m really ready this time! I’ve studied the game plan book. I’ve been coached, and got the pep talk from friends who had met the same opponent. I’m not leaving the airport without my suitcase. I slammed my claim ticket down on the counter, my nostrils flared, and my stance offensive. “Give me my bag!”

She hesitated… “Your bag’s not here.”

I pounced, “Get my suitcase from the back room or I’ll get it myself!”

“Your bag’s not here,” she foolishly tried to regain her position.

“I’ll get it myself!”

She stepped aside, her gaze averted.

She knew that I knew. She had won the first few rounds—but I was going to win the game!

I went around the counter, (you can get away with doing that at the Roatan airport.) I entered the room where “not here luggage” is held prisoner and there was my bag! A little tattered, the RUSH, Expedite sticker half torn off, but it was here on Roatan, and probably had been since the day I arrived.

I pushed the button to release the pop-up handle, and wheeled my suitcase along. Stomping past her, tossing my claim check tag on the counter, my chin held high—I had WON the game!

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