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Total Nonstop Wrestling Action (Forum) on Roatan

27 Apr

No wait… that already exists. Good thing I created the Roatan Vortex Forum instead.

Now, so far I am the only member (compared to the Wrestling Forum which has over 170,000 members and close to 5 million posts) but hey, you’ve got to start somewhere.

There are forums out there that include discussions about Roatan, so why the Roatan Vortex Forum?

Some are geared toward vacationing on Roatan, or at least sub-categories are: Trip Advisor. Others focus on the life of an Expat Abroad: Expat Forum, again, you have to search for a sub-category specific to Roatan (good luck finding Roatan.) And then there are those that are for a community of people who share a common interest: Diving forums.

The time has come to pull them together in one really simple, easy to use, minimal rules (don’t even like the word), location.

Visitors, Newbies (recently moved to Roatan), Expats: Roatan SME’s (Subject Matter Experts) unite! Let’s talk about Roatan!!!

Who Can Post?
Everyone! Just remember to keep it about Roatan—except for the “Just Because” category. You will have to register to contribute; if you’d rather not add your two cents worth, you are still welcome as a Guest and can peruse the forum all you want.

This is where I’m supposed to give you the rules of posting, but, you’ll know if what you posted wasn’t acceptable (rude, crude, nasty, or possible infringement of copy-right material etc.) because as the Moderator, I’ll delete it.

Questions? Don’t be shy, ask away!
So it’s happening… the Roatan Vortex is pulling you here! You are very excited, but wait… Where should you stay? What about the snorkelling and diving? Will you see Seahorses? Dining options? Transportation? What cruise port will you arrive at (there’s more than one?) And the ever popular: are there bugs, is it safe, and will it rain when I’m there? Go ahead ask all you want! The more specific and the less likely a crystal ball is needed to answer, the more responses you will get.

Write a review! We want to hear all about it… really!
You visited Roatan, and had a blast! Be sure to share with everyone; what you saw, where you stayed, and how much fun you had!!! If something wasn’t to your satisfaction we want to know about that too.

Roatan SME’s and Newbies, you know best!
Living on Roatan? Want to share a great place to dine, a business that we should know about? Tell us all about it. Feel free to share your Roatan businesses and links here too.

Please note: Specific details or names of individuals involved; surrounding dissatisfaction are best shared via direct email contact, rather than on this forum (sorry, another rule.)

Coming soon: There will be a handy dandy form for sharing your Roatan experience; in the meantime just tell us all about it right here!

Roatan – Home Sweet Home
So you want to move to Roatan, great idea! I’m sure you have questions: What are the educational options for my kids? Can I buy lactose free milk? Can I bring my pets? What about volunteering? The sample questions I have included are pretty vague… remember, the more specific, the more answers you’ll get.
And if you’ve made the move to Roatan, you can answer some of them. You’ve already started sharing on “The Insider’s Guide for Moving to Roatan” which if any of your suggestions are used in the soon to be released book: your reward is my undying gratitude… only! :-)

Just Because!
Do you ever wonder why? I have questions about those truly important things in life; what’s in marshmallows that make them taste like—well—marshmallows? Are hermit crabs born with a starter shell? Why are there speed bumps on bumpy roads? And why the heck can’t I snap my fingers?

Sometimes I just want to know; what was your favourite toy when you were a kid? What makes you smile? The name of a book that you think I might enjoy?

This is the place to ask and answer those important questions. You can even talk about wrestling here… if you really want to!

An insider’s view of day to day life on a Caribbean Island

26 Jan

There are obvious benefits to living on the Island of Roatan: The tropical climate, jungle foliage climbing to the highest peaks, sugar soft white beaches, all surrounded by the crystal clear Caribbean Sea. Then there are the less obvious benefits that come to light when you hang out here for a while—they too are worthy of recognition! What started out as a list of Roatan Vortex things that pulled me in, transformed into—Drum roll please!

The Roatan Vortex… An insider’s view of day to day life… on a Caribbean Island was born!

A celebration of those everyday moments that make living on Roatan extra special! From an insider’s point of view, you too will experience: Watching the sun set while watching the moon rise ***** Not having to know how to drive to get a driver’s license ***** An afternoon nap is encouraged ***** Mangoes, lots of mangoes ***** No worries it will snow in October or April ***** Talking to a gecko in the kitchen ***** The art of eating ice cream on Roatan ***** and more!

77 tidbits of information that only an insider would know. With the bonus of 13 FULL stories that delve a little deeper into the Roatan Vortex experience!

The Roatan Vortex… An insider’s view of day to day life… on a Caribbean Island is now available to order at Lulu and in a few weeks will also be available from Amazon–they need a little extra time to get the cataloging done–I think they operate on “Island time.”

The Roatan Vortex… An insider’s view of day to day life… on a Caribbean Island will be available for purchase on Roatan too! I’m in the process of having books shipped in–but, I know Roatan is on “Island time!” I’ll keep you updated as to when The Roatan Vortex… An insider’s view of day to day life… on a Caribbean Island will be here and where you can purchase your copy.


Roatan Vortex now on Facebook too! New friends always welcomed!

Just CLICK here: Roatan Vortex | Create Your Badge


And be sure to listen to the Roatan Vortex Show, every Saturday starting at 10 AM Roatan Time (CST) on 101.1FM Roatan Radio Live streaming around the world!

If you are currently on Roatan be sure to come out this Sunday (January 30) to the Grand opening of the new studio on Half Moon Bay, next to Sundowner’s, West End, from 1-5 PM. Meet the DJ’s, hear some great music, hang out on the beach, and okay… maybe stick around to catch a perfect sunset too!

I’m Baaaaack!

18 Jan

Will wonders never cease… my checked luggage made it too! Mind you, a bottle of a favourite hot sauce (that isn’t available on Roatan) and containers of shampoo & conditioner that were in my bag at the Harlingen Airport had to be left behind. I was 5lbs over the weight limit—and wasn’t prepared to pay an extra $50 to bring them with me—oh well.

Home Sweet Home!

From the moment I stepped off the plane—my Roatan way of life greeted me with open arms. Although overcast and excessively windy, my skin was thanking me as it started soaking in the moist, Caribbean sea-salt tinged air, and my exposed, flip-flopped toes, weren’t cringing, anticipating biting arctic blasts, like the ones that visited Texas (from Canada) regularly during the 5-1/2 weeks I was there.

I didn’t get much done towards settling back in on the day I arrived home thanks to the power outage while I was unpacking, courtesy of the high winds taking a few tree branches down. That’s okay though, a good dose of “slow down the pace, now that I’m back on Roatan” is always welcome. Besides, the only priority is reconnecting with friends.

Mona and Baby were looking for some undivided attention from me too!

Friday evening, first up, the Blue Parrot just a short stroll from home, for Captain Ron’s send-off party… he has to go to the States for a while, I’m confident he’ll be back… he always comes back to Roatan. So many friends were there, most of my time was spent saying hello to each and every one! From there, off to Besos in West End. Besos is a fairly new restaurant & lounge that I had not had the pleasure of visiting before I went to Texas. When you come to visit Roatan (or if you are already here) you are definitely going to want to check this place out! The food, service, and atmosphere are divine!

Saturday afternoon, time to head to Cocolobo where good friends brought the main-course and the rest of us contributed appetizers and sides. Sushi, curried chicken, fab salad, BBQ wings, and more. Again, time spent reconnecting with friends, and making new ones too!

Sunday afternoon (beach day),the sun made its first appearance since my return… perfect timing! Hanging out at Tita’s Seahorse Beach Bar & Restaurant at Sueno Del Mar was great fun. (click on pic to enlarge)

Baby Genevieve… that’s right, her name is Genevieve (since she lived in the condo below me after she was born, and I shot her first official “welcome to the world” pictures, I’m thinking we’re like kin.)

From there a stroll to the other end of West End with my girlfriends (we stopped to greet many friends along the way) to Sundowners, where Sunday Football had the place packed with even more friends.

How lucky am I to be a member of the Roatan Global Village!

And one more bit of Roatan life to share. While at Sundowners it was also a great time to check out the new 101.1 FM Roatan Radio broadcast booth, where the Roatan Vortex Show will be coming to you live (streaming around the world) starting this Saturday, Jan 22, 10 to 11 AM (CST), with your host—me—DJ Genevieve!

It’s been a while, but I’m baaaaack!


This story can also be read at Honduras Weekly retitled, “Roatan Homecoming”

I Promised Them Seahorses.

26 Feb

I Promised Them Seahorses.

Since coming to Roatan, Honduras, it’s become a regular occurrence to get an email or skype call that goes something like this:

“Some friends of mine are coming to Roatan for the first time. I told them I KNOW someone who’s there. Would you mind giving them some inside info on the Island, and maybe meet with them while they are there?”

The most recent time this happened, it involved a group of people coming from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. With great enthusiasm I fired off emails answering questions and making suggestions of what to do and see when they got here.

This photo courtesy of Chris Hill, taken under the Sundancer Dock, 2009
High on their list was good snorkelling sites. In particular they wanted to see seahorses. Well, I’m not a snorkeler, but I’ve witness people rave about seeing seahorses below the dock in Sandy Bay. I excitedly invited them to come over.

It was a few months later when they arrived to Roatan, and in the meantime I had completely forgotten what I had promised. When the van showed up, everyone climbed out, (sunburnt, but content) with looks of anticipation on their faces, and snorkel gear in hand. As we walked to the dock, one of the visitors was adjusting his underwater camera.

“Can’t wait to take a picture of a seahorse,” he said.

Uh-oh, what had I promised. Ever since I got pulled in by the Roatan Vortex I can’t seem to help it. I blurt out more than I should. What if there are no seahorses today? When was the last time one was spotted below the dock? I silently fretted while they prepared to enter the water. They might be disappointed and it would be my fault.

I watched them descend the ladder…I waited…and waited.

“I got it!” The visitor with the camera excitedly exclaimed, scrambling back on to the dock. He set his camera to playback mode, and turned the screen to my direction.

There it was—while snorkelling under the dock—he had snapped a photo of a beautiful, healthy seahorse!


Thank You, Roatan. You never let me down!


This story can also be found at Honduras Weekly, I Promised Them Seahorses


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