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Bananarama Sundays on West Bay Beach, Roatan

30 Mar

A good friend shared with me a fable of—“A laughing Child of God hides in a Tiki Torch, while the Sun Family should be getting ready to go to bed.”

On Roatan there are many hidden children who you can join in on helping support; every Sunday, at Banarama, West Bay Beach! And you’ll have a heck of a lot of fun too!

Proceeds and donations support the efforts of Familias Saludables; a non-profit, non-denominational organization devoting to fighting AIDS on Roatan. Their major focus is on reducing the incidence of mother-to-child transmission of the virus both at birth and via breast milk. To help achieve this goal, Baby Formula is provided to the new mothers, thereby reducing the odds of transmission.

Every day of the week is fun on West Bay Beach, just be sure on Sunday to stroll across the warm sugar soft white sand to Bananarama for 4 PM when Kristofer and the Kultura Band perform an eclectic selection of songs that celebrate the Island of Roatan, and classic tunes that will have you on your feet dancing (or at the very least tapping toes and singing along.) Later in the evening, George Adams will start playing and singing for your listening pleasure.

Watch a sand-sculpture masterpiece being created, or perhaps create your own!

Enjoy some ice-cream, grab a burger and beverage!

And when someone comes by your table with a bucket of Hermit Crabs be sure to buy a few… don’t worry you don’t have to keep them as a pet; giving them a cute name… like HERMY, or anything like that!

Just choose the ones you think will be the best racers, and you could win some great prizes!

Once the crabs are done racing; the garland of roses has been placed around the winning crabs necks (kidding, they just hide in their shells when anybody tries to put it on them), the photos have been taken, the prizes have been handed out; it is time for more spectacular entertainment when…

the Fire Dancers take to the beach!

What a fantastic way to spend a Sunday on Roatan. Not only do you get to join in on the fun, and (maybe) win some great prizes… you get to help Familias Saludables help the hidden children of Roatan! Additional donations of Baby Formula, newborn diapers & infant clothing is always appreciated and distributed to those who need it most.

More pictures of Sunday at Bananarama, West Bay Beach, can be seen: here!

This story can also be read at Honduras Weekly!

3 Responses to “Bananarama Sundays on West Bay Beach, Roatan”

  1. Karri 30. Mar, 2011 at 8:15 pm #


    I had no idea they had this on Sunday nights we will be sure to attend on our next trip. Great pics!!!
    We Miss Roatan and we are trying to figure out when we can come back.. hopefully real soon.


  2. Bobbi 31. Mar, 2011 at 3:23 am #

    This is amazing!! I love the crab races and fire dancing. All for a great cause too. See this is a great idea for any place that has a beach…


  3. Mary 31. Mar, 2011 at 7:04 am #

    Hi Genny,

    This is awesome! Jason will be here and we will be sure to make it. It looks like a fun time and what a great cause.

    p.s. I love your writing style :)

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