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April 2010 Radio Shows

The Roatan Vortex – It Pulls You In and You Never Want to Leave!

The Roatan Vortex show, coming to you, live every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 10 am – noon (Roatan time, also known as Mountain time during daylight savings) on Roatan Radio.

Roatan Radio, is an on-line, streamed broadcast, coming to you, anywhere in the world, live, from Roatan, Honduras. No need to set the dial on a radio–you won’t find me there. Turn on your computer, go to Roatan Radio give it a few seconds to load and you are listen-in!

Keep in mind that Roatan, Honduras can occasionally have issues regarding internet connections and power. There will be times that you come to Roatan Radio and it won’t stream (dead air, or a very annoying voice telling you that Roatan radio is not available at this time.) Keep trying! Try refreshing, or close internet explorer and re-open again! In some cases “firewalls” will prevent you from getting it to work (sorry, can’t offer suggestions if that is the problem listening-in.)

Now, I’m sure you want to know WHY you would want to listen to The Roatan Vortex Show!

The Roatan Vortex Show, with your host (me) Genevieve, on Roatan Radio is FUN and INFORMATIVE!

I cover such compelling topics as; Where the Heck is Roatan? It’s Always the Weekend. And, WD40 is to Roatan What Duct-tape is to Canada!

The really fun part is that I invite you to join in! Give me a call at 1-561-283-4090 or skype “roatanradio” when the Roatan Vortex Show is broadcasting live – I want to hear from you!

Every show will have a different “theme”…doesn’t the word theme make you think of Ralphie, in a Christmas Story, when he had to write a “theme” about what he wanted for Christmas…”You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out!” Be sure to listen-in, and call-in to have your opinion heard on the show’s theme…or just about anything else you want to talk about!

Oh no! You can’t listen-in to a particular show, or you did call-in and want to hear what you sounded like? All is not lost, every show (except the days it doesn’t work, or John, our station manager, forgets to turn on the recorder.) Every show is taped and downloaded here! So you can listen-in anytime! The “theme” is the title of the show, and I will always note some highlights, to give you a little taste of what we talked about!

The Roatan Vortex Show – It Pulls You In and You Never Want to Leave!

Roatan Radio also goes on-site for LIVE broadcast.

Me and Calico Jack at the St Patrick's Day Bash, hosted by Flanagan's aka Oasis Lounge & Pool Bar.

By the way, this is the view for me when I’m broadcasting from Roatan Radio
How cool is that!

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